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Seattle is transformed into a team building game board where competition meets collaboration for your group. Imagine embarking on a virtual tour, letting the GPS and Pocket PC be your tour guide in the "Emerald City" that sits on picturesque Puget Sound.

Our team has taken a different approach to bringing out the "must see spots" in the Downtown Seattle arena.   

Teams travel to Pike Place Public Market to count the steps the Golden Pig has walked and see the flying fish being thrown by locals and caught by tourists and they have the chance to see Seattle Center where the Space Needle, the Pacific Science Center, and Key Arena are located. Teams also get a chance to go inside the Seattle Mariners Team Store, the first Starbucks Coffee Shop, and the Alaskan Way ferry terminal. Just walking through historic Pioneer Square and the sidewalks of Belltown give you that "city feel" without the hassle of a tour bus or a rushed experience. Honestly, we can't think of a better way to infuse morale and fun into your team building event than to see a beautiful city, compete and collaborate with your colleagues, and have a blast with your team all at the same time.


If your vision of a Seattle team building event takes place in a wooded park your group can experience a Geoteaming event at one of the beautiful, local parks like Discovery Park and Magnusson Park. These parks are great not only because they offer a more intimate setting outside of the city, but because of their accessible terrain allowing everyone on your team to participate and have a great time. A park location offers an escape from the office and a breath of fresh air so grab your sneakers and a bottle of water and we take care of the rest.


Geoteaming has tapped into the "Diamonds in the rough" creating amazing Geoteaming experiences on the Kitsap Peninsula at Alderbrook Resort and Spa, the Inn at Langley, and The Resort At Port Ludlow.  These semi-remote locations are beautiful and smaller, giving your team a heightened and more personal experience with the coastal geography and feel that is valuable for restoring and renewing your groups energy and social connections.  

If your team prefers the mountains to the water, try one of our courses at Suncadia Resort, Sleeping Lady Resort or Sun Mountain Lodge.  Any of these locations will show your group the beauty of the Pacific NW as they are a first class experience.

As you can clearly see, Geoteaming can meet all of your Seattle team building needs.

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