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Geoteaming GooseChase team players complete a mission with their cell phone.

Geoteaming GooseChase

Unlock teamwork, strategy and creativity in this cell phone photo scavenger hunt that can be done ANYWHERE!

GooseChase is a high-tech team building event that uses your iOS or Droid phone to unlock teamwork, strategy and hidden creativity. 

Participants will download an app and log-in to your customized photo scavenger hunt. Then you're off as you finish missions, get photographic evidence and upload. You'll get Facebook-like status updates from all the teams and see your place in a real time high score list, fueling your competitive spirit. 

You'll return to debrief your core learning lessons, then find out who won the prizes and finally end with a digital slideshow of the best photos from the day.


  • Learn how to build concensus quicky for team strategy to win.

  • See teamwork in action to complete missions as new leaders emerge teammates support each other.

  • Experience the hidden creativity in your team as customized missions unlocks your team's talents.

  • Create team bonding that will create relationships that will help with future projects.


  • Teaches technology skills to help sharing of best practices back at work.

  • Build relationships that will build trust and increase results.

  • A facilitated debriefing session after the action will turn the participant's experiences from the day into learning lessons they can apply at the workplace.

  • Have fun and build morale for increased results back at work. 


  • Learning lessons in key areas such as trust, communication and collaboration will be filtered out and applied to your office environment.

  • Participants will have the opportunity to build connections with their coworkers outside of the office environment. 


1:00 - Introductions, team formation, goals, technical training and strategy
1:30 - GooseChase begins
2:30 - Final debrief, awards, slideshow and celebration
3:00 - Event concludes

Can be extended to 3 or 4 hours and integrated into a multi-day event.

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